Does Shaving Need To Be Painful?

Being a barber for greater than 11 years you could think that I have actually seen Razor Bumps of all shapes and sizes. This I know for sure is a barrier to any guy or lady who needs to endure the painful look and also feeling of shaving bumps. This is frustrating yet there are many remedies for that issue as well as I will share a few of them with you.

Why do I obtain Razor/aftershave bumps?

As the hairs try to make their way back out from under the skin, in some cases it comes to be challenging to do so and this is where the irritation begins. As a result of the SHARP ends that were reduced while cutting and went under or cut closer to the pore, when the strands aim to expand back the same way they were sufficed comes to be tough and also the hairs try to make a different escape in order to expand. When this happens, it comes from the irritation to where you begin seeing the little heads pushing out as well as the Razor bumps start making a statement. This is due to the fact that the facial skin is really delicate. In a nutshell all shaving bumps are really is strands of hair that can not expand back the method they were reduced and attempts to press out close to the pore which presses versus the skin.

Just how can I do away with my bumps?

You could obtain the razor/shaving bumps under control or perhaps gone with great. The initial thing we need to recognize is how does my hair grow. Does it grow straight or does it grow nappy or does it grow and curl. Any individual can obtain bumps but if you recognize exactly how your hair grows as well as the structure of your hair after that you are halfway addressing the issue. For several Black people the hair grows and crinkle or it grows nappy which is absolutely fine. One of the initial things that I would certainly suggestions you is to STOP this really minute utilizing those razors (e.g Shaving sticks and Razor Strops). Those give you way too much of a close cut and due to the method your hair expands it will not expand out as it ought to and you will certainly obtain bumps.

Clippers and trimmers function mush better due to the fact that they do not obtain as close as the razor does. You still obtain a perfectly clean cut but with much less danger of obtaining after shave irritability. Make certain that you clean up before every cut and clean it as soon as you’re done. Likewise you want to keep your hands from your face as much a possible since you do not want to obstruct the pores to enable the hair to grow back openly.

If your hair grows straight and you still obtain razor bumps, you may wish to observe how you shave. You need to guarantee that the razor you are utilizing is tidy each time you utilize it. If you make use of shaving lotions then ensure that the blade that you use is also clean.  Visit to learn more about different kinds of a razor that is perfect for your shaving needs. 

When you are cutting try not to extend the skin and also always reduced against the growth. Not only does this offer you a far better cut yet is causes your skin to stay tight and lifted. Do not change your shaving pattern, attempt to correspond. Clean your face prior to cutting with some cozy water to get the pores open. Usage after cut when you are done as well as please keep your HANDS FROM YOUR FACE.

Cutting do’s and also dont’s.


  • Tidy face before cutting.
  • Usage tidy razors or strops.
  • Clean trimmer/clippers before and also after cut.
  • Cut versus the growth.


  • Maintain hands from face after shaving.
  • Do not make use of razors and also strops if your hairs grows nappy or curly.
  • Do not shave when skin is perspiring.
  • Do not extend the skin while shaving.
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