About Us

Why Stay at Foutaindale-Hotel?

It is not a secret that many hotels are only beautiful on the outside, while a stay there can turn into a total nightmare! Many people every day are lured by nice and even luxury appearance and smart advertisement. Such deceit can cost a lot and moreover, leave a visitor with an unpleasant experience and poot opinion about all hotels in the world.

We at Fountaindale-Hotel are aware about it, that’s why we set a goal to have zero visitors left unsatisfied about our hotel and services. If you are suspicious about such a bold promise, check out our website. Here you can see full information about our hotel – its history, area, appearance, services, reviews.

Though Fountaidale-Hotel is quite new, it already established a good reputaion among its clients. You can esily check that by going though a bunch of positive reviews that we have. Also, on our site there is a map and explanation about the resort’s location, the area around it and activities that you can do both inside and outside of the place.

To travel with no hustle and make sure everything is well, you can choose your future room online and book it beforehand. Besides, you can order a transfer by bus right from the airport or railway station. On a reception you will be greeted by smiling staff who who will eagerly check you in and take care of your luggage. Once you step in your room you will feel fresh air and slight smell of citrus. Everything around is clean and shining, pleasant to the eyes. Everything for your comfort can be found in the room. In case you need something extra or have special food preferences, contact room service and they will be happy to help you at any time of a day or night.

Don’t loose time and come over to Fountaindale-Hotel!

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